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Karate at Leading Martial Arts, is a family activity run in a friendly karate club.

Our catchment area is Brinscall, Buckshaw Village, Euxton, Leyland and local areas of Preston. If you’re looking for fun but effective karate style, you may just have found what you are looking for.

Lion Cub Foundation Programme

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Brinscall Karate Classes

Lions Cub Karate

Lion Cub Karate Programme

Age Range 4yrs – 6yrs

As a Lion Cub at Leading Martial Arts, your child will have fun, be happy and develop confidence.

Through carefully planned activities, your child will learn valuable life skills at an early age, learning to be mindful, be brave, be strong and develop resilience.

The Karate Lion Cub programme teaches the basic karate techniques and includes a level of fitness through fun games. Your child will learn to negotiate space and obstacles safely with consideration for themselves and others and develop strength, balance and coordination.

There is also an element of Personal and Social Education where the children will learn about stranger danger, keeping safe, healthy eating, being respectful, including the Leading Martial Arts club etiquette.

Once they have completed Cubs, they will progress onto the next stage of their karate journey joining the Foundation class.​

How Much?

Tuition fees for the Lion Cub Karate Programme are £29 per calendar month.

You will only ever pay for two members of your family. Any additional members joining will receive free tuition. This means that if three children join the Lion Cubs. The most you will pay is £58 per calendar month for everyone! That is a saving of £29 per month.

Free Trial Class Class Times & Location

Foundation Karate Programme

Age Range 6yrs – 106yrs​

The Foundation Karate Programme has been designed to create a solid base of understanding, knowledge, physical fitness, and some core techniques that can be extremely effective (even on their own).

The methods taught are also expanded on in later programmes to give students a richer understanding of better execution as well as adding additional aspects which compliment previous lessons. All the modules in this karate programme cover some core basic “must haves” such as club etiquette, and how to use the various pieces of equipment safely for all our students.

The karate programme also introduces all the various stances. The programme also includes almost all the Hand and Foot (offensive and defensive) techniques.

How Much?

Tuition fees for the Foundation Karate Programme are £35 per calendar month.

You will only ever pay for two members of your family. Any additional members joining will receive free tuition. This means that if two adults and two children are on the Foundation Martial Arts Programme. The most you will pay is £70 per calendar month for everyone! That’s a massive 50% off.

Free Trial Class Class Times & Location

Foundation Karate Classes

Advanced Karate Programme

The Advanced Karate Programme reinforces all the modules in the foundation Karate programme as well as teaching new modules.

These new modules must be repeated at least twice within the programme in order to progress to the Senior Karate Programme. This ensures that students have been given sufficient time to be able to practice and execute the techniques to the level required before progressing to the Senior Karate Programme.

The programme has been deliberately designed rotating the modules allowing students to practice and gain knowledge through reflective learning with other cohorts as they progress through the Programme. The modules in this programme contain some advanced and highly effective elbow techniques.

This programme mainly focusses on building technical competence throughout all the techniques shown. This is achieved through the use of efficient and effective combinations that demonstrate how to transition from one technique to the next. Through this series of combinations, the students learn how to not only execute the predetermined combinations but allow them to create their own.

On completion of this programme students will be able to actively move (evading and attacking) transitioning effectively between techniques.​

Senior Karate Programme

The Senior Karate programme is where all aspects of previous learning are consolidated.

This programme will demonstrate not only how to combine our techniques (Advanced Karate Programme) but also how the students are able to counter and even to some degree anticipate them. The students are taught a series of fast and effective techniques that are designed to enable them to defend and counter against a number of attacks. As well as this the students are also taught a highly effective series of self-defence techniques.

These techniques are highly advanced and extremely effective when executed correctly. This Karate programme contains a series of counter-move combinations that can be executed in their own right but also to teach students how to string combinations together whilst moving in order to both attack and counter-attack an opponent.

Teaching Concepts

Everyone works at their own ability and pace, so progression is a personal journey. We hope with our full support and your consistent dedication, you can achieve your black belt within 4 years and then progress into our Dan class.

Our Location

Our Karate School is located in Buckshaw Village Brinscall. You can find us behind costa coffee next to Aldi. We are a 10 min drive from Brinscall train station. If you’re looking for fun but effective Karate School in Brinscall, you may just have found what you are looking for.

Our address and postcode is:
Leading Martial Arts
Lancaster Way Community Centre
Buckshaw Village

Class Timetable

Lion Cubs6:00pm – 6:45pm6:30pm – 7:15pm6:30pm – 7:15pm
Foundation6:00pm 6:45pm6:30pm – 7:15pm6:30pm – 7:15pm
Advanced7:30pm – 8:15pm7:30pm – 8:15pm
Senior7:30pm – 8:15pm


Foundation Programme White > Red > Yellow > Orange
Advanced Programme Green > Blue
Senior Programme Purple > Brown > Black

Grading Fee

All Coloured Belt Gradings are £15.

Dan Grading lasts 2 hours, covers all the Karate programmes and costs £100. This price includes the prestigious Dan Certificate and Personal Blackbelt.

Life Skills Taught

Training in karate allows you develop essential life skills.

Through karate, you will have the opportunity to develop confidence and build self-esteem in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Karate can help train your mind and body, helping you to remain focused, maintain attention and help you stay alert.

Training alongside other students, will help develop your social skills and as you progress through the belts, develop leadership skills as you learn to train other students yourself. As you grow in confidence (at your own pace) you will soon find yourself participating in general discussions, sharing ideas and for some you may even wish to take a class of your own.

Life Skills Taught

Core Values

Health Benefits

Karate has many health benefits including general fitness, mental health, and wellbeing.

Hectic daily routines which may cause stress and anxiety can be helped with training in karate. The cardiovascular exercise and breathing techniques used can help reduce stress levels especially when the feel-good hormone dopamine is released. Having self-control is a big part of karate and can help people let go of any feelings of anger and negative thoughts.

Karate is a fantastic way of helping you get fit and improves cardiovascular health, building endurance and can also help with weight loss in line with a calorie controlled diet.

Flexibility can also help with blood flow to muscles. Having better flexibility has also been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. So with the chances of increasing a healthier heart, better mental wellbeing and feeling fitter, karate is a fun and progressive way to a healthier lifestyle.

What’s Included

We have no gimmicks at Leading Martial Arts. We openly share all of the fees and costs associated with Karate. We have even structured some of our syllabus to ensure that payment for the various pieces of equipment you will need is staggered to help with costs.

We offer a significant reduction in fees for families training together. We do this because we know that training as a family not only increases the fun but also keeps you motivated. We know this because that’s what we did too. Not to mention a little bit of healthy competition along the way (Parents vs Kids).